Your bathroom decor is probably the most neglected in the home. It gets the least amount of attention because it’s not out in the open for all to see when they enter your home.
Believe it or not, guests do notice your bathroom decor. They notice whether the bathroom feels pleasant and comfortable, safe and secure, or messy and disorganized. They also notice the colors and patterns displayed in every decor item.

After giving this some thought, shouldn’t your bathroom receive a little more attention in the decor department? One way you can spruce up your bath decor is by using seasonal shower curtains and other decor items.

The Seasonal Look
Every season has its own colors and patterns. Autumn is associated with orange, brown, and red colors along with leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and harvest time. Spring brings out the bright colors and pastels such as pink, blue, purple, lavender, and light green. In winter, darker colors are used such as burgundy, black, red, emerald green, or royal blue. In summer, spring colors can still be used or summer-type themes such as underwater themes, roses, animals, and so forth.

Use your shower curtains as a springboard for the remainder of your bath decor. Choose shower curtains for every season to reflect the theme or colors you want to portray. The shower curtains can be fabric for formal baths or plastic or vinyl for informal baths. You can also choose shower curtain liners, rings, and rods to enhance the theme.

Other Bathroom Decor Accessories
Once you choose a shower curtain and shower curtain liner, add pictures or paintings, accessories, window curtains, rugs, and other items to go along with your seasonal decor.

You might get by with changing just a few small items such as a toothbrush holder, wastebasket, and window curtain ties. Think ahead when buying bathroom items to find ways to accommodate the seasons without emptying your pocket book each time.

Cleaning and Storing Shower Curtains for the Seasons
Since shower curtains line the bathtub, they are susceptible to moisture, soap scum, hard water stains, and mildew. Keeping them clean throughout the season makes it easier to clean them for storage later.

When you change out a shower curtain, be sure to clean it and the shower curtain liner thoroughly before storage. Be sure all mildew or mold is removed. Use a brush or sponge and bleach and vinegar to scrub off mildew. Otherwise, it could ruin other items that are stored with it.

Also, be sure the curtains and liner are completely dry before storing. Allow to drip dry and then wipe any additional moisture away with a towel. Store your shower curtains in a dry place in a sealed container. To keep it fresh, consider placing a fabric softener sheet in the container.

Types of Shower Curtains for the Seasons
There are many types and styles of shower curtains to choose from for the seasons. Look for patterns and colors that will match your overall bathroom decor. Painted walls, wallpaper, wallboard, and flooring colors should all be considered.
Also, choose shower curtains that are durable and easy to clean. Many curtains can be washed in the washing machine. Check the labels to be sure. You can also get zip-on and zip-off shower curtain liners to make cleaning them easier. These easy-to-remove shower curtain liners enable you to clean more often without removing them from the rings! It saves time and makes this task a breeze.

Decide on a fabric such as cotton, vinyl, or plastic. The fabrics can enhance your decor theme as well. Shower curtain fabrics can add elegance, playful design, or practicality to your bathroom.

Each season, your bathroom can offer a new exciting look and feel that your family and guests are sure to enjoy!