Many blocks of a neighborhood are decorated with all kinds of eerie things. As children wander from house to house with their parents by their side, they might come across several homes with doors that are making eerie sounds.
When some children hear these strange noises for the first time, they make it very difficult for the parent to coax them to walk up the sidewalk to the house.

Some doors are so scary that children will refuse to knock on the door. Some older children might have to do it and yell “Trick or Treat” for them. The children might be staring at ghosts that are floating under trees. Some children in the group might be captivated by a large spider that is crouching in a huge spider web that has been expertly formed by a homeowner on the corner of the porch.

Parents are almost certain that the children are not thinking about candy at this point. They can see that the creaking door that made eerie sounds has had a dramatic affect on the children. The children might not recover from their rigid posture for many hours on Halloween night and the parents will have to avoid any other Halloween door decorations that make eerie sounds.

Halloween is normally a joyful event that brings out all types of ghosts and goblins into the streets. Children that walk with parents have probably already heard a speech about none of it being real. When doors make eerie sounds, some children are too young to understand this crazy logic and will hold tightly to the legs of parents and still refuse to go up another sidewalk. They might even rely on a big brother to bring them the candy that was being handed out at that eerie house.

Some children will not believe that Halloween costumes are not real until they remove a monsters mask and look the wearer directly in the eye. Some children are bothered by this small task on Halloween because some people are pranksters and have chosen to wear more than one mask on this Halloween. When the children remove the monsters mask they will be shocked to find themselves looking at an ogre with only one eye.

Some little ones are very saddened on Halloween because they see their favorite cartoon character with an arrow piercing their forehead. Other children might think it is quite funny to see some characters they know in love totally out of character. With these little quirks to people they can relate to a child is able to start seeing the jovial attitudes that surround Halloween.