The nesting season is an important time for birds. Its springtime and birds must now turn to nesting. They turn their full attention and energy to nesting during springtime.
It is a stressful experience for a bird to move to a new location. They need to adjust to new sights, sounds and foods. While birds are amazingly resilient, there are a number of things you can do to help minimize the stresses of a new home.

It is important that the birdhouse be set up even before you purchase your bird. No matter how simple, elaborate or decorative, the most important features are safety, the location of the birdhouse and the dimensions and shape of the birdhouse and entrance. A good birdhouse must have the following features:

Ventilation holes in the top and drainage holes in the bottom
Absence of a perch by the entrance – perches encourage predators such as cats
Easy to clean – birdhouses should be thoroughly cleaned once a year to remove last year’s nest materials and to prevent nest parasites.

One of the great ways to bring your yard to life with flashes of color, nature’s music and amusement is to provide your birds with their own private nesting area. You can add a birdhouse to your yard or garden where birds can nest safely without fearing natural predators. A birdhouse also provides shelter and warmth during heavy winds and at times of ferocious storms.

If we can have fancy houses, then why not birds? So, be creative, while choosing a birdhouse. Birdhouses range in style from gazebo and Victorian styles to barns and space shuttles. The design is your choice. You might like to build or purchase a birdhouse that will reflect your personal character. Birds aren’t really interested in architectural design, but want a birdhouse that will provide safety, security and easy access.

Bird population is diminishing in today’s world due to the use of chemicals that are polluting their natural habitat and food supply. Birdhouses protect birds and coupled with well-stocked feeders and a variety of seeds and insects from your garden, they will find a safe haven in your backyard. In return, they bring your garden to life with flashes of color, wonderful songs and comical antics.

A birdhouse should be well built, durable, waterproof, cool in summer, warm in winter and easily accessible to birds. Be sure you allow for cleaning when assembling your birdhouse. If you’re planning to purchase one, look for cracks in the wood, knots and other defects that will allow water to get inside.

If you’re building the house, use your imagination to create a unique birdhouse that will add a touch of charm to your yard or garden. Nowadays, many varieties of birdhouses are available in the market ranging from plain and simple to the elaborate and decorative.